Thursday, 30 September 2010

Yep... Just as I Thought

No one reads this blog eh? Oh well... Meh... I haven't been blogging much anyway, so it must be getting kinda boring. Hmm... There really isn't much to say except DON'T MAKE TWILIGHT/SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT FANFICS PEOPLE! TWILIGHT SUX BIG TIME!

Cya, God Bless.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Wow! Haven't been on for quite a while now eh? Yeah sorry... even though no one probably actually reads this blog... Been busy with school assignments and now it's the school holidays! BREAK! FINALLY! So... yeah. Plus there really isn't much to talk about concerning Skulduggery Pleasant at the current time that SP fans don't already know about... In fact, apart from Derek's tours, there hasn't really been any news at all... Oh well... I really hope a SP movie comes out! ! ! Hmm... they betta finish the Harry Potter series soon... Harry Potter isn't that interesting anymore to lots of people anyway. I find that when it's mentioned sometimes (which is very rarely) it's about how boring it is or how boring it's become... But anywayz... Thanx if you read this...

Appreciated :)


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Funny Skulduggery Pleasant moments:

Ch.5 pg 65-66 :  
"OK then, you wait here."
" Right."
He got out. Two seconds passed, but Stephanie hadn't tagged along just to wait in the sidelines - she needed to see what other surprises the world had in store for her. She got out and Skulduggery looked at her.
"Stephanie, I'm not altogether sure you're respecting my authority."
"No, I'm not."
"I see. OK then." He put on his hat and wrapped his scarf around his jaw, but did without the wig and the sunglasses. He clicked his keyring and the car beeped and the doors locked.
"That's it?"
He looked up. "Sorry?"
"Aren't you afraid it might get stolen? We aren't exactly in a good part of town."
"It's got a car alarm."
"Don't you like, cast a spell or something? To keep it safe?"
"No. It's a pretty good car alarm."
He started walking. She hurried to catch up.

I will try and get as many funny Skulduggery quotes as I can.
Listening to the Skulduggery Pleasant audiobook is really interesting... Gives more emotion.
Check it out.
I will keep trying 2 blog... Thanx 4 following!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Anyone Finished Mortal Coil Yet?

Who here has finished Mortal Coil? Oooh! I wanna chat with someone about it! It is just genius.

I have been wanting to use a program called Blender to... uh... create something. If anyone has any pointers or advice on how to create scenes and characters and animate them it would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm awfully sorry if mah blog is pretty lame. It's lame eh? Yeah... I need more 2 chat 'bout.

If you're bored or something, look up 'kylemonkey chapstick' or 'kylemonkey grapes and my ass' on YouTube and check it out. Just mind he swears quite a bit so... yeah. He is HILARIOUS!
Also check out 'halo kitty cat dance' on YouTube. Funny song with a Halo critter dancing funnily to it. Hehe. LOLz

Catch yas round.

God Bless