Monday, 23 August 2010

Cont. of Chapter 1 - Mortal Coil

"Is not progressing nearly as smoothly," Wreath admitted. "She doesn't seem to be at all interested in the history or the teachings of the Order. It's going to take a lot to open her mind to it."
"The skeleton has already poisoned her against us," Tenebrae said bitterly.
"I fear you may be right. But I still thing the  effort is worth it."
"And I have yet to be convinced."
"Just because the girl is a fast learner," Quiver said, "does not mean she is the Death Bringer."
"Cleric Quiver speaks the trut," Tenebrae nodded.
Wreath did his best to look humble, keeping his comments to himself. He's been searching for their saviour, for the one who would save the world from itself, for most of his life. He knew full well the danger of false hope and blind alleys - he'd had his fair share of both. But Valkyrie Cain was different. He felt it. Valkyrie Cain was the one.
"She troubles me," Tenebrae said. "Does she have potential? Absolutely. With training and with study she could be the best of us. But the best of us still falls far short of the the Death Bringer should be."
"I''ll keep working with her," Wreath said. "In two years, maybe three, we'll have a better understanding off what she's capable of."
"Three years?" Tenebrae laughed. "A lot can happen, as we have seen, in a short space of time. Serpine. Vengeous. The Diablerie. Dare we risk being sidetracked by a mistake? While we are busy testing Miss Cain, another one of Mevolents's disciples might actually succeed in their insane goals and bring back the Faceless Ones for good. What if, as you yourself fear, Cleric Wreath, Lord Vile returns to punish us all? If that happens, our plans mean nothing. There will be no world to save."
"Then what does His Eminence suggest?" Wreath asked.
"We need to know if we are wasting our time with this one."
"A Sensitive," Craven nodded.
"We've tried this before," Wreath argued. "None of our psychics are able to tell us anything."
"Reading the future has never been a particular talent of the Necromancer Order," Tenebrae said. "Our Sensitives are somewhat lacking when it comes to fortune-telling. But there is another I keep hearing about. Finbar something..."
"Finbar Wrong," Wreath said. "But he knows Valkyrie personally. It would raise too many questions. Even if he didn't know her, I doubt he'd ever aid our cause. As I keep reminding you, nobody out there likes us."
"We're working to save them all!" Craven barked, and this time not even the High Priest paid him any attention.
"The psychic will help us," Tenebrae said, "and afterwards he will remember nothing about it. Cleric Wreath, I want you to take the Soul Catcher and release the Remnant we have trapped in it."
Wreath's face slackened. "Your Eminence, Remnants are highly dangerous..."
"Oh, I trust your ability to handle any situation," Tenebrae said with an airy wave of his hand. "Have it possess this Finbar person, and if he sees a future where Valkyrie Cain is the Death Bringer, and he sees her saving the world, then we can put all our energies into making sure she fulfils her potential. If he does not see this future, we forget about her, and our search sontinues."
"But using the Remnant..."
"Once the job is done, simply return it to the Soul Catcher. What could be easier?"

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