Sunday, 8 August 2010


I desperately need to know what the song is called for the Futterwacken dance in Alice in Wonderland and where I can find it on the internet, whether it's a safe downloading site or a safe buying site, like iTunes or something... (BTW: Checked there and it had no sounds like the Futterwacken in the AIW soundtrack... I think, unless they took the listening samples from a different part of the entire song...). Anyway... If you know what it's called or, where to find it, I would be ever so grateful and very glad... Wanna do it in a school dancing assignment for Health and Physical Education (HPE)... Try and get a good report card LOL.
Please, please, PLEASE comment if you are able to help.
Thank You very much.
(And I know this has nothing to do with SP but I'm desperate!)


  1. All i know is it's by Danny Elfman, but it's definitely not on the soundtrack for AIW, so obviously very difficult to find. You could always use youtube to mp3.

  2. Wow... really, you can YouTube to MP3!? KOOL! Thanx!