Sunday, 8 August 2010

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*Jumps for joy...* Yay! I have 2 followers... Thanks to Kallista Pendragon and Acacia Volt. You guys rock!

Have you checked out Skulduggery Pleasant on YouTube yet? There is a few interesting items on there... But wouldn't it be just GREAT if they made the Skulduggery Pleasant movie. Apparently Warner Bros are considering making it as another family movie after the Harry Potter series, which is going to have two movies for the 7th book (The Deathly Hallows)... But SP fans don't want to wait that long. It was supposed to apparently be coming out in 2011 but I reckon that's just very wishful thinking. But fingers crossed, Harry Potter finishes and then SP gets made... and soon! And the characters need to look like the characters in the book... Now tell me... Who do you think should play the main characters of Skulduggery Pleasant (the 1st book). That is, Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ghastly, Tanith and probably China. (I reckon China might be a tad difficult considering she's the most beautiful woman in the world.)
I also have a poll running... Who are your favourite characters?

Thanks again wonderful people!


  1. not sure about valkyrie, china, ghastly or tanith but as for skulduggery...i think Rupert Degas should tottally play as him! he does the SP audiobooks and does skulduggery amazingly!!!!

  2. Hey! Yeah! I luv the audiobooks... I was thinking that Skulduggery in the movie should sound like the Skulduggery on the audiobooks. And Skulduggery would have to be CGI anyway so Rupert Degas could do his voiceovers!

  3. The casting people had better get this right! The actors need to have the looks of the characters but also the talent to play them.
    Will Derek Landy be involved in chosing who plays the parts? He should be!