Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Is there anyone who would happen to know how to use Blender properly... it's a animation program. I desperately want to make a Skulduggery Pleasant movie, but 1. I have to draw the front side and back views of the characters, 2. I need to create them and the scenes and 3. I want to get Derek Landy's permission before I do anything. Won't it be just awesome when the movie comes out? Only, the movie had better have at least EVERYTHING in the book, actors that look the part AND have great talent and Derek Landy should have a say in everything.
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was FANTASTIC! That's really great greenscreen animation (of course made to look so real - with real peopl and whatnot). That's what the Skulduggery Pleasant movie should be like! *GASP* JOHNNY DEPP SHOULD BE IN IT! I HAVE NO BLOODY IDEA WHO HE COULD PLAY, BUT JUST PUT HIM IN WITH MAKE-UP! HE IS THE BEST ACTOR EVER! THE MAD HATTER IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE MOVIE CHARACTER... As are the Cheshire Cat, the Tweedles and Mallymkun the mouse though! BUT THAT'D B KOOL! Well, when the SP movie comes out, I bet my faves would be all those characters.

Anywayz.... Check out my poll... Vote for your favourite character/s.
Also, sorry I didn't do anything on here yesterday... Had school assignment and stuffs to do :/
LOL... Also had a Maths exam today!

Hope everyone's safe and whatnot and if anyone can tell me where to get the futterwacken song, it would be soooo greatly appreciated. Need it for an assignment. :P

And is it possible for people who can only comment on blogs to post pictures or something?
Also, Derek Landy is awesome.

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