Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Riverbend Books - Brisbane - Derek Landy Aussie Tour - March 2010

Just wondering... was anyone there seeing Derek Landy on his Aussie tour when he went to Riverbend Books in Brisbane? IT WAS FANTASTIC! He was soooo funny, talking about his cats and how they kept breeding and whatever. I could've stayed there and listened to him all week.... OR LONGER! I really hope he comes again... I got all 4 SP books that are out at the moment signed by him and I had my pic taken with him!! I treasure those wonderful souveniers (how do you spell souveiners - soveniours - sooveneers... whatever). Comment on here if you were there coz it was soooo kool. They ran out of tickets for it. We were lucky to get in! We got a free Dark Days bag and everything! IT WAS GREAT!

Comment on here if you were there coz it was AWESOME!

Also, Dark Days is awesome.


  1. Nice. I like your style of humor. Any of ways, I'm also writing a Skulduggery blog. Just click my name. I'll follow your blog by the way.

    Slan Waymer Bailslisk.

    P.S 'Slan' is the irish word for bye, I'm Irish

  2. Yaay! I was there! Yeah, he was so hilarious if he kept going I would've been on the floor! I adore my SP bag~
    Did you get to ask a question or talk to him while he was signing your books? I only just got to talk to him when I had my teacher's books to sign too. We were lucky to get in too, and the 6 hour drive to brisbane was sooo worth it! ;)

  3. I had about a 6 hour drive too. I asked him the question about if there was definitely going to be a Skulduggery Pleasant movie and I was soooo nervous when he picked me, I briefly 4got wat I was gonna say! Then I asked mah question and he's something like "Warner Brothers are thinking of doing it after the Harry Potter series as a new family movie but not definitely, no". And then I went up and got his autograph in all 4 books and GOT A PIC WITH HIM!!!!